New life for old tomes (28 photos)

10 January 2024
Category: sculptures, 0+

There is something magical in any book, regardless of genre. After all, it is a source of knowledge, a storehouse of wisdom, a container of other worlds.

But in this world everything has its end. Moreover, paper is a fragile material and not particularly durable. And the artistic value is lost over time. And the fate of such books is to be recycled or end up in the trash. But with imagination and hands growing from the right place, they can be turned into masterpieces, extending their life and making them a real reminder of the versatility of this world and an unusual interior decoration.

1. Now she will fly up and disappear

2. Whirlpool of fate

Как садят рис
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3. On the other side of the fairy tale

4. Torero

5. Life inside a book

6. Monster of the ocean depths

7. Darkness

8. From the life of insects

9. Love story

10. Mad Tea Party

11. City of Oblivion

12. Castle of Horrors

13. Tango of book pages

14. Transience of life

15. Cozy corner

16. Who said “meow”?

17. Hogwarts

18. World of the future

19. Ah, Alice

20. Kingdom of Dragons

21. Cute features

22. Star worlds

23. Lightness of being

24. On the eve of transformation

25. Fairy Kingdom

26. Horse racing

27. New Page Riddle

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