A girl makes wonderful mini-copies of animals (23 photos)

8 December 2022
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We all adore our pets - they are like family members to us. Some owners do various memorable things in honor of their furry ones - so that they are always nearby. This artist makes tiny ceramic pendants from photographs of her pets. The result is funny mini-copies of animals that will always be close to their owners. Check out her work!

An artist named Emily makes these tiny ceramic pendants from photographs of her clients' pets. The result is mini-copies that will always be close to the owners, reminding them of their pet. The girl makes these cute figurines by hand from earthenware clay to order, and then displays them in her TwoCatCreative store.

“My unique pieces are hand-sculpted from earthenware clay. Then I fire them, cover them with a special glaze, then add patterns or details if necessary, and then fire them again. I think these pendants are a wonderful gift for animal lovers and everyone in general.” who wants to preserve the memory of their beloved pet," says the artist.

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The artist approaches each order carefully and with soul: “Sometimes it can be difficult to work with glaze - in some cases the result can be unpredictable. I always try to reproduce the pet from the photo as much as possible. I like what I do, and especially the reaction of clients, when they rejoice at these charming figures," says the artist.

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