Other art: the coolest fantasies of sculptor Ken Kelleher (40 photos)

20 April 2021
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Ken Kelleher is an American sculptor and just a creative guy. He quit his job as a creative director and switched to his passion - sculpture. This collection features the maestro's digital fantasies, where he places his works on city streets and other places. Appreciate the creativity!

Ken Kelleher attended Alfred University, New York, and studied with renowned contemporary sculptors. Ken first worked as a creative director, and then switched to his favorite thing - sculpture, combining it with digital art. This creative guy managed to collaborate with large companies Hudson Studio and Art Foundry.

Ken currently creates and designs unique monumental abstract sculptures for private collectors. He works in his studio, creates sketches and sculptures, and also organizes his own exhibitions in the United States. This series features his digital fantasies, where he places his creations on city streets and other whimsical places.

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