Delightful portraits of mothers and their equally beautiful children (16 photos)

13 June 2024

Mom is the beginning of everything. And we don’t want to talk now about the “dark side of the moon,” which we won’t deny, but let’s talk, or rather look, at the beautiful manifestation of motherhood expressed in the portraits of photographer Michaela Norok.

Her project “Atlas of Beauty” is an ode of love to all women on the planet, and therefore to mothers, grandmothers and aunties as well. Today we want to show you that part of Michaela’s work, in which the photographer captured portraits of mothers and their wonderful daughters. Spoiler: they are all incredibly beautiful!

Luni and her daughter Nikita, northwestern India

Carmen and her daughters Rania and Zara, Bucharest, Romania

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

Mother and her girls, family originally from Syria

The bond between mothers and their children is probably the strongest bond there is.

Andrea with her son Benjamin, Iceland

Tatiana and her daughter Tonya, fair in Paris

Ukrainian Masha and her son

Sometimes it seems to me that photographs of mothers with children say more than any captions

Mother and son, Kathmandu, Nepal

Juliana and Alex, Andes, Peru

Beautiful family dressed in stunning outfits made by their mother, Guatemala

Mihaela Noroc

A wonderful artist and a wonderful mother, Australia

Barbara and Caterina, Milan, Italy

Mother teaches daughter traditional dance, Bali, Indonesia

Gau and her son Hoi, North Vietnam

Anse and her daughter Marloes, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Grandmother with granddaughter

Handicrafts grandmother Tamara and her granddaughter Sonya.

Do you have a portrait with your grandmothers and mothers? Perhaps it's time to update the photos in the family album.


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