The fascinating laconicism of Scott Rinkenberger's works (30 photos)

8 April 2024

Complex composition, bright colors, abundance of details, expressiveness of images. It seems that without this it is impossible to create an interesting photo and attract the viewer’s attention.

Scott Rinkenberger, a photographer and artist from Seattle, easily proves the opposite with his work.

Scott Rinkenberger

Another hobby of Scott is adventure. He loves active recreation and traveling to lost corners of nature. And it is precisely places like these that inspire him to create special landscapes. With the help of only two colors - white and black, the photographer manages to show all the greatness and power of nature so clearly that when looking at his work, a feeling of complete presence and involvement is created:

I hope that my work can inspire people to seek experiences that will help them examine life closely, deeply appreciate its inherent beauty, and become an integral part of nature's beautiful picture.

The photographer has many projects and awards to his name. And color photographs too, of course. But it was his series of black-and-white landscapes that put him on the map and helped him seamlessly transform his professional ski career into a successful photography business fueled by a love of adventure and exploration.

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