Laconic magnetism of the Japanese master of street photography (35 photos)

2 April 2024

It might seem that one of the main criteria for an outstanding photograph should be vibrancy. But Japanese photographer Junichi Hakoyama, with the help of his works, clearly proves that only two colors are quite capable of making the viewer stick - black and white.

The master's work is distinguished by an ideal composition combined with geometric precision and accuracy. Hakoyama has the ability to amazingly clearly notice abstractions in everyday life and show them to others through photographs.

Junichi Hakoyama

Despite the simplicity of the plot, which is formed by abstract lines and, usually, one person, Hakoyama proves that finding an unusual image is not a problem if you look at the world from a different angle.

The Japanese photographer brings a whole new meaning and dimension to street photography, creating black and white architectural images that almost have an element of the unreal. A seemingly boring and uninteresting place—a concrete staircase, for example, or a passage—suddenly takes on depth and intrigue thanks to clean, dark shots where just one dark figure forms a dramatic scene.

Junichi believes that a photo that encourages people to use and expand their imagination must meet three criteria:

A photograph should be simple, because if there is too much information in it, there will be less room for imagination.

There should be light and shadow in the photo. Light will help you focus on important information, and shadow will suppress unnecessary information, making room for imagination.

The photographs must include a person who serves as a conduit to expand the viewer's imagination. It doesn't matter that light and space are beautiful in themselves. If there is no person, the image will be incomplete.

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