Terryn Goldman is a photographer who is not looking for easy ways (13 photos)

30 March 2024

Art is a highly competitive field. After all, you have to fight for the attention of the public and customers. Finding non-trivial methods in the process and even inventing new techniques.

How Terryn Goldman did it - a photographer from Johannesburg, South Africa, specializing in portrait and fashion photography. Her series of photographs imitating paintings attract attention with their originality and mesmerizing stylish beauty.

Terryn Goldman

Impasto Process is a technique of applying paint in a thick layer to the photographed object. As a result, it is difficult to understand whether the finished work is actually a painting or a photograph.

Therrien believes that this approach gives viewers a glimpse into the mind of a creative person and, perhaps, allows for a deeper understanding of the stories that the artist is trying to tell.

To create such a photograph requires at least two weeks of preparation, two days of work, at least 10 liters of paint and an endlessly patient model.

Terrin, who describes herself as an avid photographer, casual graphic designer, bookworm, and cloud- and people-watching dreamer, has this to say about her craft:

Photography for me is much more than a job or a way to make money. I live, eat and breathe it. When I'm there, camera in hand, borrowing fragments of time, the world becomes so beautiful. And it is through my photography that I hope to share my vision. So thank you for letting me into your world, and I hope you enjoy the view from mine. I also love that the learning opportunities in this field are endless, and I will always strive to improve and grow.

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