The One Eyeland jury has announced the best wildlife photographers of 2023 (36 photos)

23 February 2024

The organizers of the international competition One Eyeland presented a list of 10 winners, as well as this year's finalists. Nicky Colemont from Belgium was included in the list of the best and shared the story of his work.

1. Lars Beusker, Germany

2. Arun Mohanraj, Wigan, UK

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3. Xavier Ortega, Barcelona, Spain

4. Christian Sanchez, San Jose, Costa Rica

5. Daniel Newton, UAE

6. Amit Krishna S Pillai, UAE

7. Marcello Galleano, Albisola Superiore, Italy

8. Monica L Corcuera, Mexico City, Mexico

9. Tin Sang Chan, Scarborough, Toronto

10. Olivier Collet, Ostend, Belgium

11. Stu Rees, Gore, New Zealand

12. Alexander Brax, Ghent, Belgium

Nicky Colemont, one of the winners, told how he became a wildlife photographer: “In the summer of 2016, I was visiting my grandparents. While walking in the garden, I heard the sudden sound of branches cracking and leaves rustling. To my amazement, a squirrel jumped out and ran almost across to my feet! My heart began to pound from such a close encounter with nature. This fleeting moment made me curious, I wanted to see more of these creatures. In the hope of luring them, I set up a feeder and filled it with walnuts. After a while (after 3 months), I was lucky "Not just one, but a whole family of four squirrels started coming for treats. It was the perfect start to something magical."

13. Nicky Colemont, Diepenbeek, Netherlands

Colemont was named one of One Eyeland's top wildlife photographers and ranked 2nd in Belgium.

“Winning is a great way to boost my self-esteem and motivates me to enter new competitions, as this is the best way to gain recognition in the world of photography!”

14. Zlati Zlatev, Sofia, Bulgaria

Nicky explained: "I'm a big believer in thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries of traditional photography. I love experimenting with different techniques and angles to capture the essence of each subject. What really sets my work apart is the time I dedicate to studying my subjects. Immersing myself in "their world, I can better understand their behavior, habits. This patient approach allows me to predict the perfect moment and take that very photo that really tells the story."

15. Tin Sang Chan, Scarborough, Canada

Colemont was asked what advice he would give to aspiring wildlife photographers, especially those interested in photographing squirrels. He replied, "Spend time with squirrels. You need to learn their habits to get great pictures. Watching them in their natural habitat will help you understand their movements, behavior and habits. This knowledge will allow you to predict their next move and take the perfect photo." .

16. Sue Ratcliffe, Mississauga, Canada

17. Christian Sanchez, San Jose, Costa Rica

18. Pepe Manzanilla, Playa del Coco, Costa Rica

19. Alexandre Bas, Obernai, France

20. Camille Briotte, Lyon, France

21. Lars Beusker, Elde, Germany

22. Bert Sohn, Rotterdam, Germany

23. Marcello Galleano, Albisola Superiore, Italy

24. Daniel Comin, Treviso, Italy

25. Antonella Papa, Rome, Italy

26. Alessandro Marena, Milan, Italy

27. Paolo Ameli, Milan, Italy

28. Sayaka Ichinoseki, Numazu, Japan

29. Junya Higashi, Chiba, Japan

30. Kei Nomiyama, Matsuyama, Japan

31. Monica L Corcuera, Mexico City, Mexico

32. Stu Rees, Gore, New Zealand

33. Pedro Ferreira Do Amaral, Estoril, Portugal

34. Renshe Marie Van Dyck, Centurion, South Africa

35. Nicholas Giroud, Switzerland

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