16 absurd images whose visual manipulations amaze the imagination and puzzle (17 photos)

17 November 2023

Alexandra Chertulova is an artist and tattoo artist from Perm, who not only won her native audience in the Perm region, but also became popular throughout the Internet. She boldly experiments not only with the environment, which most often is the city, but also with her own body.

Sometimes her imagination reaches incredible transformations! Some of her images, on the contrary, at first glance may seem ordinary, with the exception of significant original details.

It's amazing how you can transform the world around you with one photo!

Tea party

Do your get-togethers with your boyfriend/girlfriend look the same?

Piece by piece

У кого реакция быстрее: у кота или змеи
Смотреть видео

Snowdrops from Alexandra

Fairy tale

Did the boys try?

What happened there?

I went out to the entrance to get the mail,

utility bills have increased again,

Well, at least the floors in the entrance are clean

A garden where fantasies are nurtured

And artists give up


The birds have arrived!

The fabulous images are amazing!

Will you take a photo of me?

Ordinary Perm walks

Complete fusion with nature


When I watched Game of Thrones


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