15 beautiful abandoned places from a trip to Greece (16 photos)

7 October 2023
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French photographer Dimitri Bourriaud "Jahz Design" travels the world in search of abandoned places - charming, despite the destruction and decay. He brought these pictures from a trip to Greece in 2013.

I am fascinated by the unique aesthetics of these forgotten places, their mysterious, nostalgic or melancholic atmosphere. My goal is to capture the history and passage of time in these abandoned places as they bear witness to the past.

1. Ghost ship

2. Mansion

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

3. Locomotive

4. Train

5. Bath

6. Airplane above the club building, something like the second floor

7. Church

8. Fairytale castle

9. Cruise ship

10. Abandoned Airport

11. Old ship

12. Locomotive

13. Ship Graveyard

14. Swimming pool

15. Abandoned military base

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  1. Mr. Y.
    Mr. Y.
    7 October 2023 15:47
    + +1 -
    Здорово, люблю заброшенные места посмотреть