Photographer Stuck in Kenya Due to Pandemic, Takes Amazing Photos of Animals (30 Photos)

2 October 2021
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How amazing is the wildlife of our planet! Photographer Felix Rome proved this once again with his photographs. A guy from the UK has been in Kenya since March, where he cannot leave due to restrictions in his country. However, everything turned out for the better for this guy - he is now spending time in the Masai Mara reserve, where he takes stunning photos of wild animals. Take a look at his best works!

24-year-old British photographer Felix Rome came to Kenya in March this year to see the beauty of the local wildlife. After some time, the UK put Kenya on the red list due to the Covid pandemic and the guy was forced to stay there. He cannot go home even under the condition of quarantine, and cannot receive the vaccine, since in Kenya there is not enough of it even for locals.

But still, Felix found positive aspects in this situation. He fatefully ended up in the Maasai Mara reserve, where he now lives and helps employees. In addition, there he does what he loves - photographing wild inhabitants. He says this was once his childhood dream - and now he gets to know lions, leopards, hippos, elephants and crocodiles every day.

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“Of course, I miss my family, and most likely I will return home only in 2022. But here my dream has come true. Now I have photographs that I have dreamed of since childhood. I see lions every day when I drive up to them in my car , which they're not even afraid of. I want to make the most of every minute of my time here!" - says the guy.

Take a look at his amazing work:


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