Photo story of a large family: the eldest, twins and triplets (31 photos)

26 September 2019
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Here is the amazing story of Lucia, a mother of many children. It's about how life can't be planned and sometimes things happen to you that you weren't prepared for at all. For example, in your first pregnancy you give birth to one child, in the second - twins, and in the third - triplets. That's it, incrementally. Can you imagine this?

“My husband and I had no plans for a large family,” says Lucia. “But it so happened that first I gave birth to one boy, then two at once, and as a result of the third pregnancy we had triplets. When we found out about the twins ", they were so shocked that they laughed right in the ultrasound booth. And when they found out about the triplets, they were completely speechless."

Lucia is a very busy mom. Now that the younger girls have grown up a little, it has become easier. We can say that the hardest part is already behind us. Previously, she had no time for anything other than caring for children - both babies and older ones. Now Lucia can devote part of her day to her work (she works as a photographer). She says that she is happy to be a mother and is glad that everything turned out this way.

Here are photos from the family album - very warm, sweet and homely

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