Tube realism by Marcel Rieder (14 photos)

18 June 2024
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Romance and light, light print fill the works of this painter, who is rightfully considered a representative of a distinctive genre - the so-called soft symbolism.

Marcel Rieder (1862-1942) was an Alsatian who spent most of his life and professional career in Paris, where he remained after completing his studies at the academy.


The artist's early work was influenced by the Symbolists. But then he changed the vector of his activity and turned to realism. But Reeder’s paintings cannot be attributed to this movement in its pure form. This is rather soft symbolism. The central place in the artist’s work belonged to the image of beautiful ladies, whose figures are shrouded in the light of lamps - electric or oil.

The painter used both nature and room interiors as a background. Water backgrounds look especially harmonious and calming - a lake or sea, which, thanks to the endless blue background, favorably emphasizes the figures that look like sparkling souls against the backdrop of the boundless universe.

In the last years of his life, Reeder ironically and sadly joked that due to his vision deteriorating with age and hand tremors, he was forced to switch from realism to impressionism. The painter died in Villiers-sous-Grez on March 30, 1942. Reeder's works are exhibited in museums in the USA, France and Hungary.

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