Troubled waters by Fritz Thaulow (30 photos)

5 June 2024
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A person can endlessly look at a burning flame and flowing water. And although the water in the paintings of this artist is static, you can also look at it endlessly.

And the painter himself is worthy of the title of poet of troubled waters.

Fritz Thaulow

Fritz Thaulov is a Norwegian landscape painter who worked in the directions of impressionism and realism. Born on October 20, 1847 in Christiania, Norway, into the family of Harald Konrad Thaulow, a wealthy chemist who supported his son in his hobby. From 1870 to 1872 Thaulov studied at the Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. He then continued his studies at the Baden Art School in Karlsruhe.

In 1879, Fritz and his friend traveled to Jutland in Denmark, where they spent the summer and autumn. After becoming familiar with the way of life in Skagen, Denmark's northernmost city, he began painting fishermen and boat scenes. In fact, becoming one of the very first artists to work in this direction. He returned to Norway in 1880. Two years later he took part in the National Art Exhibition in Oslo.

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In 1906 he moved to Paris, where he painted city landscapes and created Parisian sketches. Fritz received several awards for his work. In 1905, he was proclaimed commander of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav, Norway's highest state honor. Thaulov's paintings are kept in famous museums in the USA and Norway. The artist passed away in Volendam on November 5, 1906.

Thaulov became famous for his landscapes and cityscapes of Norway and France. To create masterpieces on canvas, he used a palette of bright and rich oil paints and pastels.

His paintings are very realistic, with the most accurate transmission of light and movement. Especially water - living, moving, stormy and calm. But invariably current. And the movement of the waters of its rivers, streams and pools is so vivid that you can look at them forever.


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