A pig artist who earned more than $1 million from his paintings has died in South Africa (3 photos)

3 May 2024
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The pig's name was Pigcasso. The perfect name for an artist.

On March 6, at the age of eight, a pig named Pigcasso died. She became famous for her love of drawing. The pig was rescued in 2016 at 4 months from a slaughterhouse. An animal activist from South Africa bought the animal and settled it on her farm. After the pig grew up and became comfortable, her talent as an artist awoke.

"From the moment the pig arrived on the farm, she ate or destroyed everything except a paintbrush left in her stall. I was intrigued by her interest in the brush, so I decided to see if she would like to paint. I modified the brush so that the pig could hold in her mouth, and soon Pigcasso began creating works of art on the canvas, which I placed on a stand for her,” the owner was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

The owner immediately realized that the pig’s talent needed to be developed. She bought canvas and paints for her pet, and she took a brush in her teeth and created. Over the entire period, the pig has earned more than $1 million. The pig even has its own website dedicated to its work. Many celebrities bought Pigcasso's paintings.

During her life, the pig painted more than 500 paintings. However, she was overtaken by rheumatoid arthritis. The owner is very sad after the death of the pig, but still believes that her work will remind people of Pigcasso for a long time.


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