Harmony and struggle in the works of Dan Bodelson (30 photos)

14 April 2024
Category: painting, 0+

People and nature, brightness and simplicity, struggle and life, past and future. It seems that this artist can handle any topic, style and genre with equal ease.

Dan Bodelson was born in Minnesota in 1949 and spent his childhood in Colorado and New Mexico. After graduating from high school in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he traveled to California to pursue art studies at the California College of the Arts.

After graduating from college, he briefly worked as an illustrator in San Francisco. A year later, he left his advertising career as his love for painting took over and brought him back to Santa Fe.

Here Dan revealed his artistic talents through the telling of visual stories about the West, its people and nature. An important place in Dan's work is occupied by American Indians and their lives, sophisticated landscapes, scenes from the past and present lives of cowboys, as well as gentle still lifes.

The artist is inspired by Western literature, as well as the natural beauty that surrounds him. Dan and his family travel a lot, and the artist painted on almost all of these trips, adding to his collection with images of wonderful places in Brazil, Spain, Italy, Mexico and other countries.

Since the early 1970s, Bodelson has participated in many solo and group exhibitions and supported several organizations to which he donates his work to raise funds for charity.

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