Silent humor and magical worlds of modern surrealist (38 photos)

31 March 2024
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Animalcentrism. This is how one can characterize the direction in which this artist works. Although in his works both surrealism and the influence of the old Flemings are felt.

Michael Sova was born in 1945 in Germany. After graduating from the capital's Academy of Arts, he was engaged in teaching for some time. But the desire to create overpowered. And Michael was simultaneously involved in advertising, designing music album covers, and making illustrations for magazines.

Michael Sova

The painter’s popularity came from his participation in the famous French comedy “Amelie.” The main character's bedroom was decorated with paintings that Owl came up with.

The urge to write overpowered me. And Sova completely immersed himself in his work, giving preference to acrylic paints and achieving his goals through multi-layering.

Как садят рис
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Still from the film "Amelie"

It seems like a touching classic, although somewhat gloomy due to the gray and dull green shades. But this is at first glance. In magical worlds, animal-centrism rules the roost. Giraffes in them imposingly cut through boats, an elegant lady walks a butterfly on a leash, and a cat that was injured in a street fight comes home with a bandaged paw and with a look asks for understanding and forgiveness.

All the characters, despite some grotesqueness, are alive and realistic. And very attractive, the worlds of which you even want to visit.

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