17 paintings by artists of the past, the sight of which chills the blood in your veins and sends chills down your spine (18 photos)

20 November 2023
Category: painting, 16+

Below you can see strange and creepy paintings that were painted by artists of the past. Be prepared for the fact that some of them will not make the most pleasant impression on you. Although it is possible that they may find a response in your soul.

Creepy pictures have their own appeal and significance. They remind us of the complexity of human nature, the struggle with the dark sides of life and the possible consequences of our actions. These strange, yet fascinating works can provoke thought and promote deep understanding of many philosophical issues. It is not surprising that artists of various eras sought to at least sometimes plunge into the world of contradictory and crazy ideas. After all, they evoke feelings, reactions and sometimes give incredible inspiration.

This kind of art may seem strange to many people. However, even the disgusting has a meaning. An artist is not only a creator of beauty, but also an exposer of the dark side of life, who helps to look at the world realistically.

Death and the Moneylender, Frans Franken the Younger

Year of writing: unknown

Death in the form of a violinist plays the last melody of his life for the old miser.

"Cyclops", Odilon Redon

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

Year of writing: 1914

The Cyclops Polyphemus spies on the naiad Galatea, with whom he is in love. Despite the fact that there is nothing special in the plot, the picture looks frightening and evokes a feeling of anxiety.

Throughout his life, Redon painted only a few paintings on mythological themes. However, they are the pinnacle of his work.

"Death", Janis Rozentals

Year of writing: 1897

"The Librarian" by Felicien Rops

Year of writing: 1878-1881

"The Cat That Caught the Bird" by Pablo Picasso

Year of writing: 1939

Picasso is one of the few artists who can depict even an ordinary cat in a frightening way.

"Lucifer", Francesco Scaramuzza

Year of writing: unknown

The painting depicts a fallen angel who was unable to overcome the evil within himself and turned into an ominous demon, devouring everything in his path. While writing the work, the artist was inspired by scenes of the Last Judgment, which were so loved by painters of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

"The Great Red Dragon and the Sun-Clad Woman" by William Blake

Year of writing: 1810

"Colossus", Francisco Goya, Asensio Julia

Year of writing: 1812

The painting “Colossus” evokes feelings of horror and panic from the inevitability of the enormous power that the giant can bring down at any moment.

"Hell", Hans Memling

Year of writing: 1485

The painting by Hans Memling is one of the most terrible artistic creations of its time. The signature that the demon holds above himself adds special horror: “There is no redemption in hell.”

“Still Life of Masks”, Emil Nolde

Year of writing: 1911

Untitled, Zdzislaw Beksinski

Year of writing: 1894

Jonah and the Whale by Peter Lastman

Year of writing: 1621

"The Horror", Alfred Kubin

Year of writing: 1902

"Laughing Women", Francisco Goya

Year of writing: 1823

"Anxiety", Edvard Munch

Year of writing: 1894

The painting “Anxiety” is the highest point of anxiety, which is conveyed through contrasting colors, mysterious tints of water and concentrically expanding lines, covering both sky and earth.

"Premature Burial" by Antoine Joseph Wirtz

Year of writing: 1854

Looking at this picture, it is difficult not to be imbued with the feeling of animal fear that the artist tried to convey.

"Self-Portrait with Death Playing the Violin" by Arnold Böcklin

Year of writing: 1872

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