The world of the future through the eyes of a special cosmist artist (14 photos)

6 October 2023
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Category: painting, 16+

It happens that when fate takes away one opportunity, it gives another. You just need to manage it correctly.

The life of an ordinary Soviet boy, Genka Golobokov, a native of the village of Malaya Bykovka in the Saratov region, was also completely ordinary. The boy was no different from his peers. With the exception, perhaps, of curiosity and interest in creativity and the stars. Gena even dreamed of becoming an astrophysicist. But an absurd accident put an end to the dreams.

Golobokov Gennady Grigorievich

In 1951, a teenager went with friends to the river. And while jumping into the water, he injured his spine. Friends quickly reacted, and Gena was taken to the hospital. But the doctors’ verdict turned out to be categorical and disappointing: paralysis and complete immobility with no chance of recovery.

Как садят рис
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This is difficult for an adult to accept. What was it like for a boy who had his whole life ahead of him? Gena fell into despair. But then I forced myself to calm down and started training. It took many years before he gained the ability to move his fingers. And he picked up a brush.

More time has passed. And the paralyzed self-taught artist began to apply strokes of his first paintings to the canvas with difficulty. By training not only muscles, but also willpower. The strength of your soul.

Flurry of the unknown

It was very difficult to hold the brush with convulsively clenched fingers. Gennady wrote out small details, squeezing it in his teeth. The young painter even managed to enter the Moscow Institute and get an education. After this, the already certified artist began to take part in exhibitions and took first places in them. At the same time, Golobokov, who actually became the founder of a new direction in painting - psychological fiction, categorically did not want others to know about his illness. I didn’t want pity or special treatment.


The development of a cosmist was influenced by the books of Tsiolkovsky and Fedorov, which the boy read in childhood. But the main difference between Golobokov’s paintings and his colleagues in the genre is the emphasis on people. Technology and mechanisms act more as a frame for the main idea. The artist’s approach was described by his sister as follows:

The real hero of every painting by Golobokov is a person. A person who goes towards a high goal, a person who fights, suffers and loves. He painted beauty, courage, chivalry, tenderness - the dream of tomorrow's man and the desired meeting with extraterrestrial civilizations.


And it's hard to argue with that.

Considering the sadness of losing loved ones to space travelers who have returned home.

Skull of Kuchum

Observing the tension of researchers who saw pictures of the past.

Exit from suspended animation

Admiring the strength of life of astronauts rushing to shed the remnants of many years of sleep.

Time Paradox: Father and Daughter

Marveling at the power of time, because of which the daughter who remained on Earth aged more than her father, who roamed the expanses of space.

The Great Ring of the Universe. Contact

The space-age icon of the '60s died in 1978 at the age of 43. Suddenly, at work, with a pencil in his hands. But he left a legacy to the world - dozens of works and the importance of self-confidence, which can help in overcoming any problems and rediscover the meaning of life.

River of Time

Blue bird

Farewell to the Earth

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