Artist Valery Makovoy. Watercolor (35 photos)

12 January 2022
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Valery Makovoy was born in 1953 in the village of Belaya Berezka, Bryansk region. He served in Riga - in a construction battalion. In 1983 he graduated from the Faculty of Graphics of the Latvian Academy of Arts. In my first year, a reproduction of his engraving “Old Riga” was placed on the cover of one of the leading magazines of the republic, “Liesma”. And there were personal exhibitions of Valery Georgievich’s works already in his student years.

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Then he worked as a leading artist in the legendary Latvian association “Dzintars”. Participated in creative expeditions in Altai, the Caucasus, Crimea, and Ireland. Valery Makovy's works are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, the USA, and Ireland.

Makova has a brilliant command of the watercolor technique. When he takes up a brush, he knows what he wants to achieve and knows how to achieve what he wants. He does not accept gravity. He has his own ideas about freedom of creativity, he does not allow self-expression of colors - where the colors flow, the artist follows them. Makova does not rely on the watercolor effect, as many amateurs and professionals do. He definitely poses a problem and solves it.

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Valery Makovoy is a high-class professional. He knows everything about the properties of the paints he uses, the quality and capabilities of the paper he works with. It seems that he has as many different brushes and devices as a neurosurgeon. Makova experiments a lot and fruitfully. He also knows how to explain and teach. The success of his students is impressive. Makovy's studio has become a noticeable phenomenon in the artistic life of Riga, and this is another strong and very attractive side of his talent.

Valery Makovoy is in demand more than ever. He illustrates books, gives lessons, master classes, participates in international plein airs and exhibitions in the near and far abroad. In 2015, he attended the World Watercolor Forum in Fabriano (Italy). In May 2016, he was included in the list of the best watercolor artists in the world.


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