Paintings by artist Alexander Averin (25 photos)

2 January 2021
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Alexander Averin was born in 1952. in the Moscow region.

Graduated from the Moscow Art School "In Memory of 1905".

Alexander Averin has been a member of the Union of Artists since 1984.

Participant of numerous foreign, republican, regional and personal exhibitions since 1976.

The main theme of Alexander Averin's painting is genre scenes with Russian young ladies against the backdrop of flowering meadows and gardens, shady river banks, sunny, seascapes. The plots of the artist’s paintings on children’s themes are filled with sincere warmth and love.

In the artist’s paintings one can feel the cool breath of the Baltic Sea, the transparency of the sea air and the carefree mood of children playing on the coast; one can feel admiration for the discreet meadow flowers on the shore of an unknown lake and hidden places under the canopy of coastal trees. Portraits of ladies in airy dresses and figures of tanned boys only emphasize the beauty of the surrounding nature, be it the seashore or river bank, or a flowering meadow.

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The artist's works are in private collections in Russia, France, England, USA, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Japan and many other countries. Paintings by Alexander Averin can be found in art auctions in England, France and Denmark.


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