The Polish artist showed models from his portraits - the resemblance is striking (21 photos)

4 March 2020
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In these days of digital artists working their magic in Photoshop, true creativity with a brush is a breath of fresh air. Polish artist Damian Lechoszest paints wondrous portraits of ordinary people, often in mysterious settings inspired by Polish traditions. Each of them is unique and beautiful in its own way. In a recent project, the artist showed his models next to their portraits - it turned out to be entertaining!

“I look for my models myself and work with them. I don’t draw from a picture found somewhere on the Internet, but spend whole days next to the models. I have a whole stage with paintings in my studio so that models can always come and see the finished product painting," writes the artist. Let's take a look at his amazing work and models:

Как садят рис
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