Bards, cinema, time (9 postcards)

25 March 2011
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Category: nostalgia, postcards, 0+

A set of black and white postcard photographs of popular Russian bards of the 50s - 80s of the twentieth century. Each postcard contains a brief biographical note. Included is an essay about the original song, about the connection between Russian bards and Soviet cinema.

If someone in the distant future, or even in the not so distant 21st century, wants to know what they lived, what they loved, what the people who lived in the 50s - 80s of the 20th century hoped for - then it would be a good idea to contact to the author's song of these years. She gave an artistic and psychological overview of that time. It has become part of our culture.

Author: VTPO "Kinotsentr"
Russian language
Year of manufacture: 1989
Size: 20 MB
Format: JPG
Resolution: 300dpi
Photo size: 2010x2666 pix
Number of photos: 9


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