The artist finds photos of cats and turns them into funny caricatures (19 photos)

11 June 2024

Artist Ainars Olutnieks originally redraws cats from photographs he finds on the Internet. Using a couple of simple lines and dots, he depicts the funny poses of the cats captured in the photographs.

Don't peek!

Did you know that cats can inspire creativity? After all, their charm and charm can leave few people indifferent. The same opinion is shared by an amateur artist who, under the nickname dailypurr, posts drawings of cartoon cats online. As samples, the guy uses funny photos and videos featuring furry lawless creatures, adds a little creativity, imagination and voila! The masterpieces are ready!

Here are amateur and even slightly clumsy drawings of funny cats. Despite their simplicity, they look very cute. Numerous subscribers of the artist agree with this, leaving a lot of likes and enthusiastic comments under his works.

Curvy cat


Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

The artist who paints primitive cats is called Ainars Olutnieks. In ordinary life, the guy works in the design field. He started keeping his online account completely by accident. As the artist admits, he wanted to draw something as simple as possible, not requiring much effort.

Salvador Dali's cat

Houston, we have problems.

Do you want to object to me, man?

The customer is satisfied

Ainars usually draws inspiration for his works from the Internet. However, some cats are sent to him by subscribers themselves.

Relaxation procedures

You upset me, man. There is no forgiving for you


What are you staring at? Bring food

Mr. Meowlympia

Master of Disguise

Ainars Olutnieks's drawings were noticed by many popular international humor portals. Now a huge number of people know about his drawings. From Tokyo to Los Angeles. Subscribers are looking forward to the release of new works by the artist.

What kind of monster is this?

A dignitary goes for a walk

It wasn't me who tore up the wallpaper! I swear!

Dream party

I'll sing right now!

Great stretch


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