People who prove that embroidery can be very fun (15 photos)

10 June 2024

Many people consider embroidery to be a rather boring and outdated activity, but the heroes of this collection are able to prove the opposite. Embroidery lovers create real masterpieces: realistic portraits, animals, and landscapes.

Some artists manage to create stunningly naturalistic works

Embroidery as a craft has historically existed in many cultures. If a girl knew how to embroider, it was always appreciated; moreover, this talent was even one of the points for getting a successful marriage.

Of course, these days, embroidery is not a required skill for a successful marriage, but it is still a very popular hobby.


No, these are not live bees, as you might think.

Как садят рис
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Where to find inspiration in the era of coronavirus

And a couple more works from the same needlewoman

The bunny seems to be about to jump off and hide in the grass

Absolutely charming embroidery on clothes

The hobbit hole is ideal for hoops

Sunset embroidered in satin stitch

How to make a denim jacket completely unique

The self-portrait is very similar

Absolutely stunning starry sky

A very original way to decorate jeans

Lotus gatherers made using the French knot technique

Landscapes can not only be photographed and drawn, but also embroidered


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