18 heartfelt illustrations that warm hearts and remind you of what’s most important (19 photos)

7 April 2024

In the surrounding bustle and a million tasks and puzzles, we completely forget about some insignificant but fundamental things that warm the soul.

Illustrator Snezhana Sush creates truly cozy and warm drawings that ground us a little, melting even the harshest hearts. The artist focuses on soft colors and mini-stories, which make your soul feel very calm, as if wrapped in a downy scarf!


Dad's day

Как садят рис
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They say that for parents, children always remain babies. And how great it is to return to a place where you are praised only for the fact that you ate well, and not for completing your monthly plan.

Spoon for grandson

To keep your feet warm

Fluffy capricious

This kind of reverent attitude of old people towards capricious cats can be considered strange, but how charming it looks from the outside!


Battle of the minds

Main actress

Oh, these concerts with or without requests! Admit it, did you organize performances for your family as a child? ????

Heart warmth in a cup

Daddy's Princess

Little brother cat


And no matter how old you are, the main thing is to carry love, care and respect in your hearts through the years!

Eternal spring

Big small


Your deadlines may be pressing as long as you like, but you can't do anything when your kids are inspired to help you! ????


Water procedures

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