Saints and difficult images by Dan Zollinger (40 photos)

23 March 2024

Dan Zollinger is a famous illustrator and artist who is so versatile in his creativity that he easily creates illustrations for the Lives of Saints and modern press such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Daniel J. Zollinger was born in Glens Falls, New York, and raised in Schenectady. After receiving an art degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Dan worked on Madison Avenue and then began creating illustrations for print publications.

Daniel J. Zollinger

Zollinger has participated in several solo and group exhibitions as an artist and currently works as a book illustrator and painter. Among the artist’s achievements is the creation of illustrations for the book “Lives of the Saints,” a collection of stories by Leigh Bardugo in the fantasy genre for teenagers.

Как садят рис
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Zollinger's works are fascinating, subtle, lively, full. Somewhere unsaid, a little blurry. Allowing the viewer to see and think out what is left behind the scenes in order to find out the story of the character, which is unique and created for one specific person.

Saint Gerasim

Saint Gregory

Saint Luke

Saint Matthew

St Nicholas

Saint Felix

Saint Magdalene

Saint Margaret

Saint Vasilisa

Saint Neyyar

Saint Valentine

St. George

St. Peter

Saint Elizabeth

Saint Anastasia

Saint Elijah

Saint Alina

Saint Ursula

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