The charm of glass fading by Lilla Tabasso (30 photos)

21 March 2024

The vast majority of masters who choose classical techniques give preference to hope, rebirth, new life, and perspective. But decline and decay have their own charm. And this master showed her in all her beauty.

Lilla Tabasso was born in Milan in 1973, where she lives to this day. The woman is a biologist by training. After graduating in biology from the University of Milan, Tabasso became interested in design and began working with Murano glass, using ancient techniques of blowing and flame modeling.

Lilla Tabasso

Her artistic experiments focus on an interest in and feelings for nature, informed by a professional knowledge of botany combined with the complex practice of hand-crafted glass. The glassblower's works are mostly flowers of incredible realism. The artist is inspired not only by an infinitely varied palette of tones, but also focuses on defects and imperfections, highlighting dry branches, wilted flowers and leaves.

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All this relates to the concept of Vanitas - a movement in Baroque painting dedicated to the attributes of the frailty of existence and mortality.

Lilla Tabasso's style is a genre of still life, which takes the form of hyperrealism and extreme naturalism.

Lilla does not stop there and continues to develop her own techniques and concepts, arriving at the basic idea of a small installation. In it, the artist combines concrete and glass flowers in one object, thereby illustrating that, no matter what, nature will always prevail over everything.

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