An artist from the Netherlands turns animals into Disney cartoon characters (14 photos)

17 March 2024

Don't you miss the good old Disney cartoons? When there was no all this cool computer graphics and advanced technology yet. For example, the artist from the Netherlands Isa really missed me. She decided to feel nostalgic and remember the signature Disney art. As a result, the girl simply takes photos of animals she likes from the Internet and turns them into cartoon characters. Subscribers are delighted. What do you think of Isa’s work?

Как садят рис
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Sometimes Isa depicts animals with illnesses that kind people took from the shelter. This kitten's mom licked the fur on the top of its head too hard, which resulted in an injury, but now he'll be fine.

Angus is another kitten who was adopted from the shelter. It seems that he is just getting used to it, but he already feels good.

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