Nicoletta Ceccoli and her cute nightmares (35 photos)

15 February 2024
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There is a child living in each of us. But some creative people manage to preserve their inner child into adulthood. And with its help they create works that are ambiguous, but in any case eye-catching.

A striking example of such harmonious coexistence is Nicoletta Ceccoli. The artist comes from the dwarf state of San Marino and was born in 1973. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, she began working as an illustrator. And she was very successful in this direction: Ceccoli has more than 30 children’s books, music album covers, magazines, advertising and more.


The main characters of Nicoletta’s works are girls. Who live, dream, face their fears and learn to overcome them. Despite the deliberately soft pastel tone with a predominance of blue and pink, the influence of her dearly beloved Vermeer, Magritte and Bosch is felt in the artist’s works.

Как садят рис
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The illustrator’s images were even taken as the basis for a Tarot deck, which is popular among tarot readers.

Some critics believe that the vulnerability of the artist's characters is a reflection of her own childhood trauma. It’s hard to disagree with this, since attempts to protect yourself and limit yourself from outside influence are really noticeable. Nicoletta herself says the following about her work:

Showing vulnerability is how I better understand myself and the world in which I live. As in life, you can see duality in my work. Childhood fantasies echo the anxieties that characterize adult life. Nothing is completely black or white. It is impossible to have sweet without bitter. These works reveal my deepest fears and are a way for me to struggle with limitations, as well as a search for strength, independence, creativity and magic.

Despite a certain creepiness, Ceccoli’s works attract precisely because of their childlike spontaneity and the ability to briefly escape from adult problems and immerse themselves in childhood memories, experiencing long-forgotten emotions.

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