Turkish woman creates desserts that look like anything, but not like a cake (22 photos)

6 January 2024

Most of us are familiar with ordinary sponge cakes with cream and roses. Nevertheless, the art of confectionery has long stepped forward, where butter masterpieces have given way to mousse and cheese ones.

But the Turkish Tuba Gekil outplayed everyone! She creates hyper-realistic desserts that look like anything but a cake. Dress? Easily! Brick? Easily! And if you think that this is all some kind of nonsense, then take a close look at Tuba’s creations - we guarantee that it will be extremely difficult for you to distinguish them from a real object or product!

You can stare endlessly at a pomegranate and still not realize that it is a cake!

The extreme detail is simply mind-boggling!

Как садят рис
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A chic dress in a window?

The only possible fabric cake name is “Red Velvet.”

Amazing photorealism!

Even the plant turned out to be a cake!

Every small detail in Tuba's works is edible

That time when cleaning can be enjoyable

Have you ever tried bricks?

There’s a pear lying around - you should definitely eat it!

In life you can't tell it from real meat!

Shades, texture, details - everything is taken into account when creating a dessert

Yes, sunscreen is edible too!

If anything, the store is unlikely to accept returns.

Desserts that look inedible are no less impressive.

Looking at this elegant shoe, you don’t even think that you could bite it. But in this case, it’s still better to bite than to put on.

How do you like this turn of events?

Even through the tap you can feel the juicy freshness of the green... Cake?!

Came to a perfume store and left with a cake

Yes, it has become dangerous to go shopping - no one knows what is on the grocery shelves!

Mamma Mia!

By the way, tomatoes are not tomatoes either. Yes, yes, this is also sweetness!

The only doormat you can chew

Absolutely every detail is edible. Foam, a rag, a plastic handle - this is all the result of Tuba’s talented work.

There are simply no words - amazing reproduction of the bow!

Typically, hyper-realistic cakes can be off-putting. But I still really want to try Tuba’s desserts. Perhaps the whole point is that the brain malfunctions and does not understand that what you see is actually sweetness. Bravo, Tuba, bravo!

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