The artist draws ominous drawings with various evil spirits (21 photos)

26 November 2023

The artist, who works under the name Luna Ana, paints creepy creatures that seem to come out of nightmares. The bestiary created by the author is incredibly extensive and varied.

An amazing observation: many talented artists do not like to talk about themselves. And why? In most cases, they are confident that their work will tell the best story about them and their inner world. The talented and very unusual artist who works under the nickname Luna Ana thinks similarly. The girl does not provide any information about herself and does not show her face, allowing fans to speculate about her personality only on the basis of creativity.

The artist paints occult-monstrous evil spirits that live in forests and live according to their own laws. Where did they come from in her head? It doesn't matter at all. The main thing is that the pictures turn out to be fascinating and at times incredibly frightening.

True surrealism

Little friend

У кого реакция быстрее: у кота или змеи
Смотреть видео

Ghost Friends

Creepy self-portrait

People who see the artist’s drawings for the first time are sure that they were made in digital format. However, the girl creates all the paintings entirely by hand, using only her own imagination and acrylic paints.

Thoughts are swarming in my head

The past follows on the heels


Ghost Cage

The bestiary created by the artist is incredibly extensive, and all the monsters in it are diverse. However, the creatures have one interesting unifying feature - they cause a feeling of discomfort and inexplicable anxiety (especially if you look at them for too long).

the villain

What's inside you?

Fans note that Luna Ana's works are in some places similar to the creations of Leonora Carrington, an English artist whose paintings are full of mysteries and difficult-to-understand metaphors. It is likely that the girl was inspired by her paintings. They are replete with motifs from Celtic and Central American mythology. Luna Ana, in turn, quite often resorts to Indian, Japanese and Scandinavian mythology.

Mothman, or maybe not a person at all

Lord of Darkness

Smoke break




Best friend




It's hard to say who you should be afraid of more in this picture.

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