An artist from South Korea paints “emotions” that are difficult to describe in words (18 photos)

24 November 2023

Not all people know how to express their emotions and feelings. And even more so they cannot describe them in words. And a person is a complex creature, therefore, a huge amount of emotional burden can boil inside him. However, you can try to convey your feelings and thoughts through creativity. This is exactly what South Korean artist Dae Hyun Kim did. He literally depicts the complex emotions that each of us faces from time to time. The result was an interesting, deep and slightly surreal series of works. Let's get a look.

Please take care of this

Sometimes you want to stop being responsible even for yourself and just unscrew your head with many contradictory thoughts and give it to someone who may be able to cope with this burden better.

Infinite polyhedron

There are so many details inside each one. How to put them together?

The rescue

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

Sometimes salvation can only come if you get all the extra people out of your head.

Drive crazy


Competition of tears

When in a conversation the interlocutors clearly compare their problems, finding out who is more unhappy.

On you

What else could unrequited love look like if not like this?

Very difficult relationship

Let yourself flow

Sometimes some of us need to stop racing and just let ourselves go with the flow.

Ego grows

Things I don't like because you like them

Do you know the feeling when everyone around you suddenly starts liking your favorite band, and you start liking them a little less?

A thorn bush where you want to stay


Protection from pain

Sometimes, when the world hurts too much, you want to somehow isolate yourself from it.

Faces you have to try on before going to bed


The weight of memories

Deconstruction for the sake of reconstruction

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