18 minimalist drawings, behind whose simple lines a deep meaning is hidden (19 photos)

23 November 2023

The sketches of Israeli artist Yuval Robichek are very popular on the Internet. And all thanks to the fact that his type of drawing is fundamentally different from the styles that most modern illustrators prefer to use. Yuval does not strive for complex concepts and an abundance of bright colors. On the contrary, he loves the simplest lines and brings to life plots familiar to every person.

In his works, the artist deftly mixes reality and caricature, seasoning it all with a good dose of irony. His characters do not speak, they remain absolutely silent. However, we still understand all the actions unfolding before our eyes, because Yuval leaves us many clues - emotions, landscapes and small, but very important details. Putting everything together, we get an amazing story that is sure to make us think and reflect.

Love letter

The main thing is that along the way to the addressee the original ardor and enthusiasm are not lost.

Everyone has their own ideal

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

Appearance doesn't matter if you truly love a person.

A friend will always help you forget about all your exes

Favorite music touches the strings of our soul

Some people are used to hiding emotions

About platitudes that make you fall in love

Caring for each other makes relationships stronger and more tender, regardless of their duration.

Don't burn what you might need tomorrow

Modern pigeons

My thoughts, as well as my feelings, are a complete mess.

To bring everything back to normal, you need to start unraveling at least one of the tangles.

Women's networks

That's how it happens

Self-eating is the best entertainment

The frog never turned into a prince

Things that won't let you go

And then something went wrong

Men can be different, but the cat is the one and only


Sometimes you need to wait a little, and sometimes you need to work hard in order to enjoy a well-deserved rest in the future.

Life is kind to you when you make other people happy.

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