20+ humorous illustrations by Lucas Levitan (22 photos)

14 October 2023
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A selection of funny illustrations by Brazilian artist Lucas Levitan, filled with deep meaning.

It is very likely that you have already come across the works of Brazilian artist Lucas Levitan on the Internet. He became famous for adding his own hand-drawn little people to ordinary photos, thereby making the entire photo look like a funny caricature. But a real artist is always multifaceted. Here are one-page witty comics by Lucas Levitan that don't require words to understand.

Always like this

Sometimes we all feel like that thumb.

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

The clock is ticking

Striving for more

About current

The eternal problem of wasting time on gadgets, social networks and instant messengers.

When two halves become one

Just the tip of the iceberg

And there was still a dirty frying pan left on the stove...

Morning routine

Sometimes, to fit into society, you need to get rid of your thorns.

Changed the landscape outside the window

By example

Loves? Does not love?

Choosing an emotion for today

An airplane is flying

Don't forget to love yourself

How is he

When there are no barriers to love

Lunch break

Even real bloodsuckers sometimes need rest and good company.



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