Born into the world: amazing photos of Darren Pearson (21 photos + 1 video)

14 May 2020
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These magical images are made by an artist who paints with a brush... made of light. Glowing neon lines contrast brightly with the night landscapes. Illustrator Darren Pearson creates "light paintings" by running around and drawing shapes in the air using an LED lamp.

He sets his camera to a long shutter speed, which allows him to capture the resulting figures in the air. Darren calls the marker with the lamp a night writer, that is, a night pen. The artist lives in Los Angeles and says the hardest thing is to find a dark place where the sky is not illuminated by traces of night life.

The author is often accused of using Photoshop, but Darren never tires of explaining that this is not the case. The artist says painting with light is “a luxurious blend of exploration, exercise and self-expression.”

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