This guy draws cars in Microsoft Paint and they look pretty good (9 photos + 2 videos)

29 February 2020
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Once upon a time, when the grass was greener, the trees were taller, and five seconds to “hundred” was the lot of supercars like the Ferrari Testarossa, Microsoft Paint was considered a completely serious graphics editor. However, the designer, who posts his works under the nickname BeingNandish on Youtube, proves that with direct hands it is possible to achieve impressive results from the ancient “drawing machine” even today.

Each job takes less than ten minutes. At the same time, the degree of compliance is impressive. Considering the capabilities of the platform, of course.

Since BeingNandish hails from India, its portfolio includes many Tata, Jaguar and Land Rover models. However, on the artist’s channel you can find sketches of a variety of “foreign” equipment. The gallery features the Audi R8, Dodge Challenger, Porsche 911, BMW Z4 and Lamborghini Huracan. The vast majority of cars are shown in profile. And it takes the designer from five to ten minutes to create a sketch. Checkmate, masters of “Photoshop”!

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