17 photos of a fabulous Italian castle, where every day of the year has its own room (18 photos)

3 November 2023
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Sammezzano and its 365 rooms: how a stunning oriental-style castle appeared in the heart of Tuscany.

Perhaps Sammezzano is not like any of them. It is located near Florence in the town of Reggello, surrounded by a large landscape park. Alas, it is almost impossible to get into it: the castle has been abandoned for several decades, and the area around is under protection. It is opened only occasionally for special events, so only rare guests can admire its decoration. But they are all lucky, because interiors like those in Sammezzano Castle can hardly be found anywhere. The castle has 365 rooms, for every day of the year. We invite you to see a tiny part of this luxurious decoration.

The history of this castle dates back to the 8th century; according to some sources, Charlemagne died here

These lands belonged to rich and influential families at various times.

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Among the owners were, for example, the Medici family

In the 19th century, the castle was bought by Marquis Ferdinando Panciatici

The Marquis got tired of the bustle of Florence and settled in Reggello for several decades

Then there was a hunting lodge on the site of the castle, and Panciatici completely rebuilt it

The Marquis spent forty years building the castle, inspired by travel stories

At that time there was a huge interest in the East in Europe

The Eastern world was idealized in books and works of art

It is for this reason that Sammezzano is the most atypical Tuscan castle

There is an Indian-Arab atmosphere here

It refers to Moorish masterpieces and Mughal architecture

Sammezzano is more reminiscent of the Taj Mahal and Muslim mosques

The castle has 365 rooms, for every day of the year, and all rooms have a different design

The decoration is very bright, it’s like you’re in an oriental fairy tale and a colorful kaleidoscope

On one of the walls there is a Latin phrase, Non plus ultra, which translates to “Nothing further.”

Indeed, visitors here seem to be transported to another world, after which there is nothing more beautiful

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