Modern unusual architecture Factoreef (19 photos)

29 April 2013
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Modern unusual architecture
Three students from the architecture studio Studio Lynn at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna have developed a concept for a yacht building factory on the island of Kres in Croatia. The project was called Factoreef. Its authors, Julcsi Futo, Bika Rebek and Stefan Ritter, are students on a course with architect Greg Lynn. This project in its structure evokes associations with a flat hill. The entire technological part is hidden under a hilly roof on a complex steel structure of trusses, and the entire 5th facade is given over to a park area. Thanks to this, tourists received an interesting attraction; they can not only enjoy the sea view, but also look inside the plant through numerous
light lanterns. According to the authors of the project, they analyzed the coastal typology of the archipelago, numerous piers, canals, rivers, ponds and islands. This analysis helped them map out the structure of the building, fine-grained and complex, like spots on the surface of water. Of course, the architectural solution, let's say, evokes
associations with Zaha Hadid's designs, but in this case there is a strong justification for the bionic form. Shape of the bay, islands, etc. The project tries as much as possible to fit into the environment with its naturalness. To what extent this will work out in the final project is not yet known. At the moment, design is still underway and project changes can be tracked in real time on the authors’ blog

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